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Gift Box Direct is leading manufacturer,supplier,wholesaler in retail packaging field.As paper bags and gift boxes manufacturer, Gift Box Directs specialize in manufacturing high quality gift boxes,rigid boxes,foldable boxes,collapsible rigid boxes,kraft boxespaper bags, paper shopping bags, paper carrier bags, printed paper bags,custom made paper bags,Euro Tote Paper Bags,Custom Printed Euro tote bags,non woven bags. Meanwhile JinDian Packaging wholesale paper gift bags,brown paper gift bags, gift non woven bags,rigid gift boxes,favor boxes,nested gift boxes,gable gift boxes and more at cheap wholesale pricing.

Every company needs to project just the right identity, and environmentally friendly shopping bags, ,non woven bags, gift boxes and coordinated packaging from Gift Box Directs are amazing tools to do just that. From reusable paper shopping bags,eco friendly non woven bags,to  gift boxes, Gift Box Direct educate and help you make the best selections for your packaging requirement within your budget.When you are looking for gift boxes,rigid boxes,foldable rigid boxes,paper bags,shopping bags,kraft bags,non woven bags for your business or events,contact with us to get right one! High quality,cheap price,quick turnaround are the advantage to buy gift boxes and paper bags from Gift Box Direct

Custom Made Gift Boxes

High quality gift boxes are not only as packaging solution, but also as promotional tool to add more value into your package.When you are looking for custom made gift boxes,Gift Box Direct is the perfect place for you to get right custom made gift boxes including rigid boxes,rigid set up boxes,hinged rigid boxes,two piece rigid boxes,neck rigid boxes,shoulder boxes,foldable boxes,folding rigid boxes,collapsible rigid boxes.Those customized boxes from Gift Box Direct can come in any size,shape and color.

Wholesale Gift Boxes

Gift Box Direct is one stop place to wholesale quality wide range of gift boxes including luxury gift boxes,rigid gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,kraft gift boxes,nested gift boxes,gamble gift boxes,e flute gift boxes, apparel boxes,wine boxes and more coming in so many popular sizes and designs. We can print custom logo on those gift boxes.

Custom Made Paper Bags | Shopping Bags | Carrier Bags

Laminated paper bags  are made of super fine coated paper with glossy or matt lamination,fitted with different handle,laminated paper bags offer more elegant looking and great printing effect to advertise business and present products the best. Gift Box Direct specialize in manufacturing quality  laminated paper bags,laminated shopping bags,laminated carrier bags,laminated promotional bags coming in as your specification to fit any end.

As luxury paper bags specialist, Gift Box Direct manufacture luxury paper bags,luxury shopping bags,luxury carrier bags.We offer wide range of material,finishes,handles to create luxury paper bags that can meet your demand for high end packaging.Ribbon handle,die cut handle,hot stamping,embossing,spot UV vanish are popular way to build  personalized luxury paper bags that can come in any size,shape to add more value to your business.

If you need elegant and durable shopping bags,Euro Tote Paper Bags are great choice.As paper bags manufacturer,Gift Box Direct specialize in manufacturing EuroTote,Euro Tote bags,Euro tote shopping bags,Euro tote paper bags coming in wide range of material,finishes,handle to create personalized shopping bags and promotional bags for any business,no minimum order quantity.

Paper bags are great as carrier bags,Gift Box Direct specialize in manufacturing eco friendly carrier bags including kraft carrier bags,laminated paper carrier bags,luxury paper carrier bags.Those paper carrier bags from Gift Box Directs come in any size,shape and color with cheap price.

Kraft paper bags are made from  kraft paper,they are 100%  recyclable and biodegradable,as eco friendly shopping bags,another advantage of kraft paper bags is that they are very cheap. Gift Box Direct offer custom made kraft paper bags including twisted handle kraft bags,flat handle kraft bags,Euro style kraft bags coming in any size,color,shape to fit the demand for green and economy retail packaging.short run is available,great cheap price! fast turnaround

Gift Box Direct wholesale wide range of paper gift bags including luxury gift bags,Euro tote bags,kraft gift bags and recycled kraft bags coming in so many sizes,colors and shapes to fit different occasions at great cheap wholesale pricing. 

white paper gift bags

As non woven bags manufacturer,Gift Box Direct specialize in manufacturing non woven bags of superior quality,custom made with your brand logo and business image in a timely fashion and at great competitive price,coming in any size,color and shape to fit any end,great as promotional bags,shopping bags, wine bags,tote bags.

Gift Box Direct

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Gift Box Direct

Gift Box Direct manufacture custom rigid boxes, foldable boxes,collapsible rigid boxes and wholesale foldable gift boxes,luxury gift boxes and kraft gift boxes.

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Gift Box Direct Wholesale Silver Color Foldable Gift Boxes With Ribbon Closure

This is silver color foldable gift box, this box is made of heavyweight paper board, and box is wrapped by matt laminated art paper with silver color printing,flood entire box, and box has ribbon as closure at front flap.

The characteristic of foldable gift boxes is that foldable gift boxes have collapsible construction, that can fold boxes into flat to save space and freight. And it is easy to assemble into strong rigid boxes quickly. So when you are looking for luxury packaging boxes and gift boxes,foldable gift boxes are the best choice

This box is made by Gift Box Direct.

As gift boxes manufacturer, Gift Box Direct specialize in manufacturing and wholesale gift boxes,luxury gift boxes,kraft gift boxes and foldable gift boxes.

So please go www.gift-boxes.org to choose

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Gift Box Direct Wholesale Custom Printed Foldable Boxes

Every  business do need packaging boxes to package what they produce and sell. Packaging boxes have so many variety such as folding paper boxes,corrugated boxes,rigid boxes, you can decide what kind of packaging boxes to use based on your products. if your products are high value, rigid boxes are perfect choice.
Although rigid boxes have elegant and luxurious looking,considered as high end packaging boxes, they need more space to store. So how to get premium packaging boxes without large storage space,foldable rigid boxes had become the best alternative.
Foldable rigid boxes have the same looking and feeling because foldable rigid boxes are made of the same material as rigid boxes. But foldable rigid boxes have collapsible construction  that can fold boxes into flat in order to save space and freight.

This is custom foldable rigid box, this foldable  box is made of 1500g paper board to build strong box tray, then wrapped box tray by art paper with matt lamination and two colors printing,and glued trays together to create box folding at sideway to make box flat when coming and box is easy to assemble into rigid box when use,hinged lid with flap and concealed magnetic closure,feature with gold hot stamping logo on top lid of box.
This custom foldable box is made by Gift Box Direct
Nowaday foldable rigid boxes have become popular,foldable rigid boxes have so many advantages–strong and sturdy looking when assembled; elegant and luxurious feeling,great as premium packaging boxes and gift boxes; collapsible construction-that is the most popular reason why foldable rigid boxes are favored by so many business and customers.  The collapsible construction can save space and freight,they need not large space to store. And collapsible construction don’t influence foldable boxes are considered as high end packaging boxes,because  foldable boxes are made of the same material as rigid boxes.,Foldable boxes are great as-cosmetic boxes,presentation boxes,gift boxes,apparel boxes,wine boxes and more ends.
Gift Box Direct  is manufacturer of foldable boxes,foldable rigid boxes and collapsible rigid boxes. Gift Box Direct can use wide range of paper board,wrapped paper to build foldable boxes and can print any color of custom logo and image on foldable boxes, Gift Box Direct offer hot stamping,embossing,spot uv varnish to print and highlight custom logo and pattern on foldable boxes that add more quality looking.
Gift Box Direct also offer different methods to close boxes firmly,popular options are magnetic closure and ribbon closure.

Detail please go www,gift-boxes.org

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Gift Box Direct Wholesale Kraft Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are great as packaging boxes,gift boxes are colorful,stylish,functional,gift boxes can protect what they package and add more value into inside packaged.

Gift boxes have so many variety,when you are searching for gift boxes, you have so many selections,popular gift boxes include pop up style paper folding gift boxes,corrugated gift boxes,rigid gift boxes,foldable gift boxes and more.

Rigid gift boxes have strong construction,usually rigid gift boxes are considered as high end packaging boxes,rigid gift boxes are used as luxury gift boxes to package high value products and gift items.

If you need eco friendly  luxurious rigid gift boxes,please choose kraft gift boxes, because kraft gift boxes are made of recycled heavyweight paper board to build green but strong construction of boxes,wrapped boxes by different kraft paper, so kraft gift boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, great as eco friendly presentation boxes,gift boxes and packaging boxes.

Where to buy quality recycled kraft gift boxes with cheap price?

Gift Box Direct is perfect place! 

As gift boxes manufacturer,Gift Box Direct design,manufacture and wholesale wide range of kraft gift boxes including recycled kraft gift boxes.

Recycled kraft gift boxes are made of recycled paper board,covered boxes by recycled kraft paper to build very strong boxes, boxes have base and lift off lid,square shape,recycled kraft bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable,they are great as eco friendly gift boxes. At Gift Boxes Direct,recycled kraft boxes come in so many popular sizes

Detail please go www.gift-boxes.org

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Gift Box Direct Wholesale Foldable Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are great as packaging boxes for products and gift items. Gift boxes can protect inside packaged, and add some value into inside packaged. If you choose rigid gift boxes to package your gift, recipient will consider it should be high value gift. Because rigid gift boxes look more quality and luxurious, can add more value and quality confidence into inside items.

Gift boxes have so many variety, including pop up folding gift boxes, e flute corrugated gift boxes,rigid gift boxes and  more. if you need luxury gift boxes,rigid box is the best choice. But if you have retail shop and want gift boxes to package your products of gift items, if you choose rigid gift boxes,you will need enough space to store. So how to get a luxury gift box with elegant looking and small storage space? Foldable gift boxes are the best alternative.

Foldable gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board as box tray,then wrap box by various paper with different finishes to offer elegant,class and luxurious surface of box,importantly foldable box has collapsible construction, it has die cut folding line at corners or sideway that can make box flat and assemble into rigid gift box quickly and easily when use. The advantage of foldable gift box is that foldable gift box offer luxurious way to package products and gift items as well as save space and freight.

Gift Box Direct is manufacturer of gift boxes, Gift Box Direct design,manufacture and wholesale wide range of foldable gift boxes coming in so many sizes,colors with magnetic or ribbon closure.

Such as above foldable gift box, it is made of 1200g paper board(2.0 mm thickness chipboard) to build very strong box tray,then wrap box tray by matt laminated art paper with solid copper color printing,flood entire box,box has die cut lines at corners  with sticky , and it is easy to erect and glue together with tray to assemble into rigid box quickly.box has concealed magnetic and ribbon closure to close box firmly and add some luxurious feeling.

At Gift Box Direct, foldable gift boxes come in so many popular sizes and colors, and Paper Bags Mall can make custom foldable gift boxes that can come as your size,color with your logo and image.

Detail please contact with Gift Box Direct, or send email to info@gift-boxes.orgto get free quote

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